Thursday, August 7, 2014

I’m aware SnK is fiction but the newest chapter nicely illustrated what I’ve been trying to say on the topic of police officers using excessive force:

The Survey Corps knows that the Military Police are out to kill them on sight. Yet when they attack the MP their blades & bullets are all targeted at the legs & non-vital organs. They only want to incapacitate them.
They do not want to kill them.
They do not want to kill anyone unless absolutely necessary.

I know, the circumstances are different in every situation & no one can predict how things will turn out. But it just seems like police can be too quick to rely on their guns to take someone down when there are other methods, especially if the person in question is unarmed.

I just thought this was an admirable move on the part of the Survey Corps/Squad Levi 2.0 & a fighting technique I wish would be seen more often in real life.

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